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Taste of Melbourne 2010

September 16, 2010 No Comments

I am running so late with blog posts at the moment, I have a crazy backlog, but I am really hoping to catch up very soon.

In this post I wanted to show you around the 2010 Taste of Melbourne. Mr Foodie Goddess and I had a lovely time enjoying all the amazing food on show and meeting a few new friends on the way.

My first stop was to Maze by Gordon Ramsey where I was chuffed to met Josh Emett, head chef of Maze. He has such an amazing resume, one many could only imagine. I was blushing as he asked me questions about my interest in cooking. I told him about my blog and my love of cooking Italian food. It was a real buzz.

Maze by Gordon Ramsey is located at Crown Metropol in the Melbourne CBD. As described on the Australian Good Food and Travel Guide, Maze breaks the formal traditions of French cuisine, adopting local Australian influences in tasting-sized dishes.

At Maze we ordered the Cured Marlborough king salmon, sweet corn, chorizo and kipfer potato and as you can imagine it was amazing!!!

We then moved onto the Mezzo Melbourne. Its food focus is on Sicilian regional Italian food and wine.

Formally Mezzo was the well known Oyster Little Bourke, which has been recently revamped by Luke Stringer and Joseph Vargetto. Pictured below.

Mezzo is located at 35 Little Bourke St Melbourne.

Here we tried the Schiaciatta (Sicilian pastie) with beef, corn, chilli and oregano. Gorgeous!

We moved onto The Palace by Luke Mangan where I was really hoping to spot him but unfortunately he was not there so I joined the HUGMUNGOUS queue for some food. This posh style pub is located at 505 City Road, South Melbourne.

Here we got the yummy Palace Burger made with Waggu beef. Waggu or Wagy? refers to the type of beef cattle used for the dish. Wagy? cattle meat is genetically predisposed to marbling which naturally increases its flavor and tenderness. If you have never tried Wagy? beef I highly recommend it.

We also had the Tuna carpaccio with goats feta, rocket, ginger eschalots dressing.

This tuna has to be one of the nicest pieces of tuna I have ever had. There is an interesting story behind the ‘carpaccio way’ of service meat or fish dishes. As detailed in this ABC story on The Story of Carpaccio ‘In 1950 a Contessa named Amalia Nani Mocenigo visited the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice. Having been advised by her doctor that she should avoid cooked meat, she asked the chef at Harry’s to come up with something she could eat. The chef came up with a dish which was essentially very finely shaved red beef with a cream-coloured sauce. The dish was named Carpaccio by the owner of Harry’s, Giuseppe Cipriani, because the colours of the dish reminded him of paintings by the Venetian painter Vittore Carpaccio.’

Earlier in the evening we had seen a great cooking demonstration by Damien Styles, head chef from Charcoal Lane.

While we were at the food demonstration Damien told us about the wonderful restaurant he is head chef at called Charcoal Lane.

The great thing about Charcoal Lane is not only the amazing native Australian ingredients that Damien Styles so knowledgeably uses to create his dishes but the fact that it ‘provides hospitality training programs for Aborigines and disadvantaged youth. An inaugural group of 18 trainees are learning the ropes – two from Zimbabwe and the rest are urban kids or from the Wurundjeri, Yorta Yorta, Gunditjmara, Kurnai and Boon Wurrung clans’ (Nina Rousseau – Epicure).

I just think that it is such a wonderful cause, one that many of us should support… so get yourself to Charcoal Lane and enjoy some gourmet native aussie food. Charcoal Lane is located at 136 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

I had a little chat with Damien while at Taste and not only is he tremendously down to earth he is also very passionate about the restaurants cause and was keen for me to try the Wallaby Tataki with ginger, soy and horseradish.

This was in fact the first time I tried Wallaby and I can say without a doubt in my mind that is was OMG delicious! I realise it was not the Wallaby alone that was delicious, the whole dish just worked so well together. The ginger really did so much for it, I just loved it. While we where at the cooking demonstration Damien cooked and spoke about Kangaroo meat and why it is possibly Australias most sustainable meat source. I found this article, if you are interested on the matter. http://www.burkesbackyard.com.au/1998/archives/26?p=2870

I have since bought myself some kangaroo meat which is currently sitting in my freezer. I know that you have to cook it right for it to taste any good, and this will be a first for me. I have never cooked or eaten kangaroo but I am determined to make it a success. I am thinking of emailing Damien and seeing if he can share with me any tips or maybe a recipe I can make and share with you on a later blog post. See how we go…. But I can say that thanks to Damien I have been completely inspired to learn to cook with more native Australian ingredients.

We also had to stop off at the James Squire beer tasting with Chuck Hahn from Malt Shovel Brewery.

It was a really fun tasting, one that Mr Foodie Goddess enjoyed over anything on the night. It was more like a wine tasting really. They served different beers with food, like Salmon, Lamb and even some beautiful dark chocolate. It was really fascinating.

I topped all that amazing food and beer off with a visited to Mr. Wolf for desert. I was so happy to see Mr.Wolf creator and chef Karen Martini there. After getting all excited and telling her what a fan I was she posed for a photo with me.

I love her style of cooking. With her strong influence in Italian cooking it is right up my ally! hehehe I love her cookbook and wish I had it there for a little signature.. ahh well! Next time.

I had to try their version of one of my favorite deserts Vanilla pannacotta and blood orange jelly – Hello Baby! It was yum!

Mr. Wolf is located 9–15 inkerman street, St Kilda.

The Taste of Melbourne 2010 was sponsored by Australian Gourmet Traveler, and if you know me well you would also know that this is my favorite cooking magazine. While I was at Taste I meet Australian Gourmet Traveler Food Editor Lisa Featherby. She does some wonderful work on the magazine as a food stylist and writer. I spoke to her about how much I love the magazine and about the cake I cooked from the front cover of the August edition.. the infamous Brown sugar sponge cake with caramel pears, we are standing in front of the cake pictured below.

So there you have it, some highlights from 2010 Taste of Melbourne. Hope you enjoyed it.

A presto… Buon Appetito!

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