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Murdoch books – 365 Challenge: Chicken with Truffles

December 18, 2010 2 Comments

O Truffle, Truffle, wherefore art thou Truffle?

Deny thy father and refuse thy name

Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love

And I’ll no longer be the Foodie Goddess.

Oh I tried, how I did try to find you truffle. Not only are you illusive and aloof but you are as expensive as walking into Tiffany’s.

This is my second installment for the Murdoch books – 365 Challenge. When I chose this recipe I was optimistic, that somehow, some way I would find some truffle. Even if it meant it was dry truffle, and I would most definitely pay less than $100! Rightio then!…. The reality is truffle is rare and expensive, those little balls of gold cost around $1700 per kilo. Due to my naivety I embarked on this month’s challenge as Romeo and Juliet did with their love and ultimate death, with PURE NAIVETY!

So what does one Foodie Goddess do when she realises she has been stumped…. PANIC! Well only for a moment :) I had been assured by a supposed mushroom expert that there is absolutely no substitute for truffle, but in my mind there had to be a way to try this beautiful recipe hanyway. This is the 365 Challenge after all… Come hell or high water we must prevail!!! So I consulted fellow challenge members and the suggestion was, to substitute with Porcini mushrooms with a little help of truffle infused olive oil. Excellent! So off I went.


Renyaud Version                                           Foodie Goddess Alternative

1 Truffle                                                           Porcini Mushrooms

6 free range chicken breasts                           Truffle infussed olive oil

Salt and pepper                                               6 free range chicken breasts

200 ml pouring cream                                      Salt and peper

3 leeks 200 ml                                                 Pouring cream

Olive oil                                                            3 leeks

3 potatoes, peeled                                           Olive oil

.                                                                        3 potatoes, peeled

How to:

This recipe has taken on a bit of a life of its own in the aim of recreating the truffle taste. So bare with me.

Day 1: With dry porcini you need to soak them overnight in water to bring them back to life, so do this as the very first step.

Day 2: Drain the water from the mushrooms and dry the mushroom peices with paper towel. Then soak the mushroom peices in truffle infussed olive oil for 24 hours so that the flavors mesh together.

Day 3: This is where Stephans recipe actually begins and where, if you are lucky enough to get it, you use the truffle.

Cut half the truffle into thin slices or alternativly take your porcini mushrooms from the oil, make five incisions in the back of each chicken breast and insert the slivers of truffle or mushroom. Season, wrap tightly in plactic wrap and refrigerate for 24 hours. Infuse the remainging truffle in the cream.


Day 4: Slice the leeks, saute them in the olive oil for 10 mins, then add 3 liters of water and boil for 30 mins.

In the meantime you can make your potato gallets. Grate the potaoes and drain of all the water that they put out and place them as one layer on a tea towl, then layer another tea towl on top and ring as much remaining water out. Remove the truffle that is infused in the cream and chop up half and add to the grated potato. The alternative to this is to use the truffle infused olive oil to cook the galetts. You can either shape the gallets with your hand and make them into a small thick type pancake or, I used egg rings to shape them in the pan. I think the rustic hand shaping is probably better, I don’t think I like how mine looked, but they tasted great never the less.

Poach the chicken breast pieces, still in their wrappers, in the leek broth for 7 minutes. I found that my chicken needed a few more minutes so I would suggest if they are big chicken breasts to perhaps cook for 10 mins.

Heat the chicken stock, add the cream, season to taste. Serve the chicken with the potato galette and truffle cream.

I am sure the real truffle version is amazing but this alternative was, apart from all the preperation this is an easy and tasty dish. Poaching the chicken in this way ment that the breast was beautiful and moist rather than the usual stringy, dry and boring characteristics chicken breast can have.

Thanks truffle for providing me with such stimulation and challenge! Beg, steel or borrow I will have you one day! Till then…

Bon Appetit.

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